GEOS 105 Introduction to Astronomy
Spring 2015


Course Syllabus

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GEOS 105 Spring 2015 Lab Instructors

  • Kelli Albertson
  • Greg Taylor

    GEOS 105 Spring 2015 Exam dates

    An in-class midterm will be held in Ayres 201 at the normal lecture time on Wednesday, March 11

    Final Exam schedule:
    The final exam schedule is posted on the University web site. NOTE: Final exams are not administered at times other than officially scheduled for your lecture section except in extenuating circumstances. Convenient travel arrangements are not considered an extenuating circumstance.

    Important Lab and Lecture Info:
    Lab Info:
  • Lab schedule and midterm exam week: check the course syllabus
    Ancient Astronomy Article
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    Planetarium Quiz Study Guide
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    Useful Links:
  • GNU Operating System; Much great software from the Free Software Foundation.
  • GNU Package Blurbs; Short descriptions about the many available packages.
  • SourceForge; Free Open Source Software - veritable myriad of software packages!
  • Project Gutenberg; First Free eBook Source - amazing resource!
  • Units, a program for many useful unit conversions.
  • Scilab, Free Open Source software for scientific and engineering computations
  • PlotDrop, Free Open Source software for 2D data visualization.
  • Netlib Repository: A massive collection of math software, papers, and databases.

    Potentially useful links
    Kiwanis Chico Community Observatory.
    Kiwanis Chico Community Observatory on Facebook.
    Eclipse, Transit, and Lunar Phase information.
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